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This key offers many functions and can even be configured to offer more. For now and in the original configuration this key provides the following functions:

(Please note that you can cancel all function calls by clicking the other mouse button - as long as the mouse button calling the function is still pressed.)

LMB = Left Mouse Button
RMB = Right Mouse Button

a) [LMB single click] 
(L) Play

b) [RMB single click] 
(R) Pause on/off

c) [LMB double click] 
(D) Stop

d) [LMB click, drag right short, release]
(L->) Play next

e) [LMB click, drag left short, release]
(<-L) Play previous 

f) [LMB click, drag right long, release]
(L- ->) Jump next (not yet implemented)

g) [LMB click, drag left long, release]
(<- -L) Jump previous (not yet implemented)

h) [LMB click, drag upward, release]
(L ^|^) Show foobar preferences ('hide' not implemeted yet)

i) [LMB click, drag downward, release]
(L v|v) Show/Hide foobar main window

j) [RMB click, drag upward, release]
(R ^|^) Show foobar equalizer

k) [RMB click, drag downward, release]
(R v|v) Close foobar

l) Mouse wheel 
(W) can be used to change volume.

Both buttons can be configured by editing "!ok_phone_tweak.cfg". For now (R->) (R- ->) (<-R) (<- -R) are unused and can be configured to fullfil one of the implemented functions. All button functions can be changed (except for a),b) and c)), but only for now.


a) (LMB click) Change volume

b) (LMB double click) Change volume fast (ignores foobar buffer; may cause some static)

d) (RMB click) Mute / Unmute

e) (Wheel rotate) Volume up/down 


a) (LMB click) Jump within the song playing


The drag button can be used to move Foopilot One (FO) or to (de-)activate its 'auto hide mode'. In 'auto hide mode' it will hide itself when a different window is focussed and unhide when you move the mouse cursor over the general area of the player.

a) (LMB click, drag) Move FO

b) (RMB click) Hide mode on/off

The colour indicates whether the Foopilot One window is focussed or not and whether hide mode (HM) is turned on or off. 

(Blue) FO is focussed and HM is off
(Red) FO is focussed and HM is on
(Yellow) FO is not focussed and HM is off
(Grey) FO is not focussed and HM is on (and about to hide)

[Big thanks to Sanska for cleaned up this text] :)